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Jackpharma teams up with the Hepatology Society of the Philippines

Jackpharma is dedicated to providing medications that are highly efficacious but affordable to the Filipino people. Recently, the Hepatology Society of the Philippines, through its President Arlinking K. Ong-Go, MD, received life-saving medication for patients affected by this life long illness called Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB).

The HSP founded an awareness program called B AWARE that seeks to increase understanding and promote awareness of Hepatitis B and hepatobiliary diseases so that patients will be more aware on how to seek treatment, control and provide effective medications for CHB.

This strong advocacy has led to the partnership between the HSP Board and Jackpharma Inc.

Shaped by great urgency to help patients during the Community Quarantine across the country, we donated Baracross (Entecavir) with the hope that marginalized patients with CHB will have better access to their medication especially during these challenging times.


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