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Jackpharma Inc. is committed in helping improve lives of the Filipino people. This year, JPI has been part of multiple community outreach activities and programs that aim to help patients become aware of hyperuricemia, diabetes and skeletal muscule related disorders. Below are some JPI members going the extra mile to be part of these community activities held this June - July 2024.

JPI management would like to thank: The PhysioWorld Clinic

KATUBID-KAPATIRAN TULUNGAN NG MGA DIABETIKO sa BULACAN Mandaluyong City Hall Health Department AFP Commissary and Exchange Service Special thanks to JPI members who represented JPI well! Mr. Edwin Pasana

Ms. Sheela Camangon

Mr. Jezrell Ivan Andaya Ms. Emiko Ibanez

Mr. Nestor Cabrera

Ms. Joegie Jugar Ms. Igie Atienza Ms. Berns Macatangay


Ivan Andaya at The PhysioWorld Clinic


From left to right: Ms. Joegie Jugar, Ms. Sheela Camangon, Mr. Edwin Pasana, Ms. Emiko Ibanez, Ms. Bettina Hernandez at Mandaluyong City Hal Health Center


From left to right: Mr. Edwin Pasana, Dr. Jose Raymund Carlos, Ms. Igie Atienza, Ms. Berns Macatangay, Ms. Sheela Camangon in Malolos, Bulacan


From left to right: Mr. Nestor Cabrera, Ms. Sheela Camangon, Mr. Edwin Pasana, Ms. Joegie Jugar at AFPCES


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